DSL Services

Platinum Business

  • arrowOn Fire Speed
  • arrowDownload: Up to 6M
  • arrowUpload Speed up to 768K
  • arrow Best Business DSL

Gold Business

  • arrowBlazing Fast Speed
  • arrowDownload: Up to 3M
  • arrowUpload Speed up to 512K
  • arrowBusiness DSL

Silver Business

  • arrowSuper Fast Speed
  • arrowDownload: Up to 1.5M
  • arrowUpload Speed up to 384K
  • arrowBusiness DSL

Bronze Business

  • arrowFast Speed
  • arrowDownload: Up to 768K
  • arrowUpload Speed up to 384K
  • arrowBusiness DSL

Business DSL Services overview

Accesscom.com has been in the DSL business for many years. Though those years we have perfected what it takes to supply reliable business DSL service to our end users. We understand businesses need a reliable service.

  • Our hybrid DSL service is a combination of AT&T DSL service and our our own network. The way it works is we use ATT phone service to supply the starting point for the home DSL line.

  • Then we have the packets routed to our network, creating a hybrid DSL service. We feel this service is superior to ATT DSL service since it rides on our network which is much less congested.

In addition we are able to troubleshoot any issues much quicker. We have tools setup to check modem status real time while you are on the phone with us.

Other Featured Services

  • Dual T1 Line Service
    Check out our dual T1 line service. It can serve the needs of most businesses with its large pipeand its superior reliability.
  • Colocation Service
    Check out our colocation service. This service allows you to co locate your servers at our tier 1 data center. This helps with server reliability and saves bandwidth at your office location.

Additional Included Services

Every DSL account is provided with top notch tech support. Our tech's don't have to transfer you to level 2, because they have the tools to check and troubleshoot all part of the line. Every business DSL account includes the following extra account features.


  • arrowFREE Setup and activation
  • arrowFREE DSL Modem
  • arrowFREE Spam Filtering
  • arrowFREE Web space
  • arrow5 FREE email accounts
  • arrowFREE Technical Support


Upgraded Hosting Services are available for businesses who have their own domain name. Check out our web hosting page for more information.