Unmetered Time Policy

Accesscom.com is a domain name, the underlying company is called HyperSurf Internet Services, Inc. As a subscriber of HyperSurf Internet Services, Inc., hereafter referred to as (HyperSurf), you agree that you are of at least 18 years of age (or have permission from a parent or guardian to use this service) and will abide by the policies of HyperSurf.


The unlimited time policy means there are no per minute charges levied by HyperSurf Internet Services, Inc. for the use of our dialup services by you, the customer. We want to make the net available to all of our users at a reasonable price and in a manner that supports your needs.

A personal account is not intended to take the place of a dedicated connection to the net or to support sustained, unattended operations. When you need to be on the net, use it. When you do not need to be on the net, log off and make the lines available for other users.


Activities such as automatic dialers and scripts intended to defeat session limits and idle timeouts in order to maintain a continuous connection to the net, interfere with the ability of this organization to provide reliable service to it's customers and cannot be supported. Sustained, chronic abuse will result in account termination for cause.

If you require a full-time connection to the net, please call our business office at 877-702-7873 to arrange for a dedicated connection.



E-mail: support@accesscom.com